How export RAW Data in a file

Can I export my data PM RAW in a external file from server?
I have a PA-II without SD
I need to have all the raw data of a period
i had read something about it, but i can’t find the post in the forum

Maybe this one?

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Thanks Doug, i didn’t remember where to access.
I’m reading data columns now: which column corresponds to the current AQI?

I don’t think the download tool will have “AQI”. The tool will download the raw data only. You can look at PM2.5 or PM10.0 etc to get an idea at what is in the air at the moment. I’d have to look around, but I think there are formulas to take raw data from the download tool and convert it to more useful stuff like AQI.

Take a look at this post: How to Calculate the US EPA PM2.5 AQI

It may have what you’re looking for.

When calculating the AQI, by default, we use the PM2.5 ATM value for outdoor measurements and PM2.5 CF=1 for indoor measurements. Those will need to be converted to the AQI using the formula in the post @carlkidcrypto-paa mentioned above.