Different reading bet/ phone & laptop browsers?

This is odd. When I view the map.purpleair.com on my laptop, it shows a lower AQI number than when I view the same map on my phone browser. Both browsers are Firefox. The one on my laptop shows 37 and the one on my phone shows 55. I refreshed both screens several times to make sure it wasn’t a stale data problem. What is going on here? I will try to upload screen captures of both.

Screen Shot 2022-09-13 at 12.24.15 PM


Would appreciate help with this.

Hi @Geoff_Browning, the readings are different because you are viewing different averages. The first screenshot shows the 10-minute average, while the second screenshot shows the 1-day average. I have circled the differences in the attached image.

Ensure the settings on both browsers are the same. Then, the readings will match.


Thank you, that’s helpful.