All Sensor data fails to display on map, android 13

On my new Samsung A14 G5 with android 13 all sensor data fails to display on the map.
There are no numbers at all inside the circles on the map.
This is a display formatting issue in android 13 as the WEB map clearly has access to the data base data for if you click on a blank circle the web page then correctly opens and shows the sensor reading history chart.
I have tried chrome, fire fox and fire fox focus. All show the exact same issue with blank circles with no numbers inside.

Bob, I have the same problem on my IPad. I switched to the airquality app and choose the purple air function at the bottom. I am a Luddite so hopefully someone else will chime in.

Are you using monthly or yearly averages with the “Show averages as rings” option selected? There’s currently a bug with those settings selected that causes the circles to be extremely small and black colored. This can obscure the numbers.

If that isn’t the problem you’re experiencing, does the issue still persist when using different data layers and averaging periods?

I overcame the issue by installing default on the phone and then reinstalling everything, a very painful process. It seems my new service provider ran some scripts when their new Sim was installed with the result much of the phones operation had become strange. Starting from zero sorted out all sorts of odd issues.

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