Alarm companion app

I’m sorry to say that in not a developer, and this is nothing more than an idea. That said, I figured it was worth posting in case someone motivated felt like running with it.

I live in an area with persistent wildfires. We like to leave our windows open in the evenings to cool the house, but can’t when there’s a fire nearby. Even if the wind is favorable and the air is clear, there’s a chance that you’ll wake up to a smoky house because the wind shifted in the night. I did some searching to see if there was any kind of AQI data companion app that would set off an alarm on your phone when a sensor of your choosing met a certain threshold, and couldn’t find one.

I can imagine more possibilities than mine. Lots of people mind the AQI if they plan events or are regularly responsible for organized outdoor activities. Rather than having to actively check the AQI periodically for hours leading up to an event, wouldn’t it be nice for them to just set and forget so that they’d relieve a notification or alarm when a certain threshold is met?

If anyone know of something like this existing already, in all ears! Thanks in advance.

I have something like this semi-built, and happy to discuss. It currently is more passive, but it takes a sensor ID and checks periodically for the current AQI value and sends a text (with map) at a predetermined time. It would only take a few minutes to update it to have a “threshhold” that would trigger a send at certain times of day.

Let me know if you would like to have me set something like that up for your area.

I wrote a simple python script that you could configure with your own device. The code is at GitHub - maddadder/purpleair

If you do not know how to run a python script, you could use this service: