Zooming into graph unresponsive


Since a couple of months ago approximately I no longer seem to be able to zoom into the graph or it lets me zoom in once and then becomes unresponsive. This is happening across at least two devices so I’m wondering if it’s a general problem.

Is anyone else having this problem?


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Hello, I’d like to see if I can help. Is this happening on an app or third-party website, or are you seeing the issue on https://map.purpleair.com?

Hi, thanks Andrew.

This is using the map on https://map.purpleair.com

Hi @PokAlice

This is not an issue that we have been experiencing. Are you still getting the same issue?


Yes i still see the problem and I see the same thing across both Android devices I have access to. From what I can see when I try to zoom in, the whole site becomes unresponsive.

I’ve tried clearing browser cache etc but I see the same behaviour.