Glitchy map/data when connecting to our website

The Purple Air map we’ve placed on our project’s website is taking a massively long time to load and is very glitchy when trying to alter data (ex: 10-minute, 30 minute, 7-day, all time, etc…) Reloading the page helps but only sometimes and as mentioned is taking a long time. Any tips on applying the real-time map to our site in an efficient way?
The site is still under construction
Thank you

Welcome TerraAyAy!! I’m glad you are interested in the site!!

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It looks like that website is occasionally returning 503/Service Unavailable when responding to requests. You should check your webserver logs, and possibly pursue further with the debugger in the browser. This is unrelated to PurpleAir.

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Thank you for you helpful response, I appreciate the guidance from folks who have experience working with Purple Air monitors (even if it isn’t “related” to PurpleAir)