Zen malfunction

I’ve got a Zen. Like it a lot. However, it’s started malfunctioning. When I power it up, the red light stays illuminated for a few seconds and then goes out. Same happens with different cables and charging cubes. Suggestions?

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Are you referring to the red power indicator? This may have been turned off in the LED settings section of the registration form.

The easiest way to check is to revisit the filled version of that form, which can be found on the “Registration Success” email. You’ll find a link at the bottom of that email called “Modify this registration” which will take you to a filled-out version of the registration form.

If your LED settings are set to “Full Color AQI Only,” then the sensor will only show the power and SD indicators on start-up, before turning them off. If you want them to stay on, you’ll need to set this option to “Power, SD Status, and Full Color AQI.”

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