WiFi not connecting

Rural farm: wireless dish and router is in old farm house (user, password active). Antenna that connects to network is in new house (wireless, password active). Sensor lights active. I have done all troubleshooting suggested and do not have Sensor wifi access to Purple Air to be able to set it up. Aspen Springs Rustic Barn, Lacombe County.

Have you already connected to the PurpleAir-**** Wi-Fi network to set up the sensor’s Wi-Fi connection? Or is this the step that you’re having trouble with?

I was able to connect and it’s working well. Thanks!
A question: we live very close to asphalt plants, gravel pits. Is data to measure VOC’s available?

You can read more about that here:

If your sensor is on the PurpleAir map, select “Experimental VOC” from the options for “Data layer:” within the map Configuration Menu (cog symbol)