Where does one access VOC data (BME688)?

I’ve searched the forums and the PurpleAir website, and I can’t find where I would access the data that the BME688 sensor would be gathering on my PurpleAir Zen sensor. Is there a way to access it through the PurpleAir map? I’m sorry if I’m missing something obvious here.

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I am interested as well… I can find the number value on the map but is there any breakdown beyond that?

You’re farther along then me on that – where is the value number on the map? The only numbers I can see are for the PM2.5. If you get a chance can you attach a screenshot with it uploaded? Thanks!

Thank you-- very helpful! Mine seems permanently set on 25, which is hard to believe that’s accurate. Do I need to wake it up in some way?

I’m not sure the only difference that I see between your sensor in mine is on your sensor. You haven’t installed an SD card and I’m not sure if the Bosch unit needs to log data to be able to function possibly. It may just need a reset. it may just need a reset when I get home from work I’ll do a little bit looking to see what I can come up with. Let me know if you find anything.

Great idea-- I’ll put one in there

Don’t forget to format it with FAT32 formatting otherwise it will not function. jump back here when you’re done, let me know if It did anything.

I’ve got it up and running @oilcitysensor. Now it’s just a matter of what to make of the numbers!

Could you advise me what you did in order to get this to work? Thank you!

To see the VOC data we supply simply select the sensor you were looking to view and select the data layer you wish to view.

Our “Environmental Data Layers” guide will show you information about how it can be selected if you do not see it.

Our “PurpleAir Map Guide” can also be referenced to show how to access the data layers on our map.