How to get gas sensor data from PA-II-FLEX?

Hi there,

Just got my first PA-II-FLEX set up and trying to figure out how to pull data from the gas sensor. I’ve looked over the widget on the map, as well as the download page but no luck. If anyone knows how to find it the advice would be appreciated.

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Hi @ctandy, you are able to access the VOC reading in a few different ways:

  • On the PurpleAir map, the data layer on the map is named “Experimental VOC (Bosch Static IAQ)”.
  • In the downloaded data, the header is “IAQ”.
  • In JSON data from the API, the item name is “voc” or “voc_b”.
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Were there any recent changes to the API access to the VOC data that would cause the data to become unavailable? I’ve heard a report from my data guy that the VOC info went offline. These are PA-II devices with BME-680 chips added onto them (i.e. NOT PA-II-FLEX devices).