In what scientific units are VOC (BME688) data reported?

I have searched the community forums, the website, and the device specs, but cannot get a clear understanding of the units associated with the VOC data produced by the PA-II-FLEX. I believe this unit uses the BME688, the data sheet for which can be found on Bosch’s website here.

The BME688 data sheet indicates this unit can produce raw sensor resistance values, ppm estimates (“breath” VOC equivalents, I think?), gas scan % estimates, and IAQ estimates (0-500), all of which appear to be informed by testing performed under the ISO16000-29 standard (See page 8 on the datasheet). “Breath” VOC (bVOC), ethanol, CO, and H2S are used to assess the sensor.

I understand the VOC reporting is in beta, but the data must correspond to some scientific unit. Is the PA-II-FLEX reporting ppm or IAQ “units” (I understand AQI is technically unitless but I’m not sure how else to Fram the question, and I have seen numbers well beyond 100, so assume it is not gas scan %)? Page 17 of the BME688 data sheet suggests the data maybe in the form of a 0-500 IAQ index?

Further, do the PA-II-FLEX VOC data correspond to bVOC, ethanol, H2S, or some combination of these + CO?

Thanks, and my apologies if I have missed some obvious PurpleAir resource that describes the answer to this (I’d be very appreciative, if it exists, if someone could point me in its direction!).

EDIT: well, not sure how I missed it, but now I see “Bosch Static IAQ” is listed next to VOC on the PA map. Oiy. I gather this is taken directly from the BME688 sensor and produced according to the process laid out in the data sheet, is that right?