Volunteer for an interview re: AQ monitoring

Hello, I’m a sociologist at Rutgers University. I’m interviewing air quality sensor users (from all over the U.S.) on their experiences monitoring local air quality. I’m especially interested in learning whether monitoring air quality has changed how you think about your neighborhood, home, and health. To sign up or learn more, send an email to: aqstudy@sociology.rutgers.edu.

Interviews take about an hour, can happen over Zoom or phone and can be scheduled at a time that works with your schedule. Volunteers will receive a $25 gift certificate to Target upon completion of the interview.

You can learn more about the study here: Air Quality Study - NORAH MACKENDRICK or send an email to aqstudy@sociology.rutgers.edu with any questions about what interview involves.

The funding for this project comes from an internal Rutgers research grant (it is not industry funded). This research has been approved by the Rutgers Institutional Review Board (IRB).