Unusually high and persistent current reading on Touch indoor sensor

Over the past day my readings have spiked to an inconceivably high number from my indoor sensor, however the 10 minute, 30 minute, etc. reports haven’t moved.

Suspecting some sort of fouling of the sensor I used a vacuum cleaner to attempt to remove debris from the sensor. I also placed the sensor outdoors for a time, and readings haven’t changed.

I’m still somewhat suspicious that the sensor may be obstructed somehow, but the failure of the 10 minute, 30 minute and longer averages to increase over the last day makes me suspect some sort of failure of the software recording my readings.

The LED on the unit has been bright red since the spike.

Suggestions on how to interpret and remedy this situation?


Hi @decanio

We apologize for the delayed response. We have seen this kind of reading recently, and believe it to be a bug in the firmware of the laser counters. Sometimes, we have seen power-cycling fix the issue. You can unplug it for a couple of minutes or so, and then plug it back in. If that doesn’t work, please send an email to us contact@purpleair.com and we will continue troubleshooting.

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