Submit data to the map WITHOUT WIFI - ethernet cable

Hi Amazing Community.
I am new here and excited to contribute data to the website, and am looking at purchasing an air quality monitor.

I am wondering what options are there for those who prefer NOT to use WIFI?

-I am wondering if the device can work with an internet cable (ethernet cable) to submit live data to the map?

  • Or would I need to remove the card and then submit data (which would not be live).

I would be very grateful for any assistance. I really want to help improve the air quality in my area and see the effects of wood heaters during burning season…


Hi @TimAir

Thank you for the questions, I’ll answer them below:

  1. Ethernet is not supported in the devices at this time. We want to add POE, but it is not something we have a timeline for.

  2. Loading SD card data on the map isn’t possible. For a sensor to appear on the map, it does need to be connected to WiFi and registered with us.