Setting up two sensors

How do I set up two sensors, one outdoors and one indoors? I have set up the outside PA-II OK, but cannot get a WIFI connection to appear for the indoor PA-1.

Hi @thosair, the process for setting up an indoor device is the same as setting up an outdoor device. The WiFi network can take up to ten minutes to appear. If available, you can also try searching for the network on a different device. Had the WiFi network ever appeared previously and then stopped appearing?

Hi again,

As I had both devices running at the start, the second indoor device also may have connected already as it does not appear as a wifi network.
I have registered the second indoor one as private "Charlotte St B”. Nevertheless, I cannot connect to it on the map as only the public “Charlotte Street” device shows. Can you re-set this so I can also access the private "Charlotte St B” indoor device?