Sensor Button on Map is "diluted" in color

Hello! I am looking at my Sensor on the PA Map, and it’s showing a currently providing data, but the marker for it is a diluted/faded green (current reading). What does that mean? Thanks!

That is directly related to the confidence score. Lower score makes the icon more transparent.

So, how do I fix the Confidence Score? Detailed instructions would be appreciated. Thanks?

I tried looking that same issue up and the reason was it didn’t have a good wifi signal (mine is within 20feet of the router so doubt that is my problem either!)

This is direct from purpleair people…(in response to my sensor problems)

Yes, the reason the marker on the map is faded can be for a number of reasons. Looking at your sensor, it looks like your channel A is reporting all 0 (usually due to the fan not working correctly anymore) but your channel B is reporting correctly. This gave a low confidence rating so the marker gets faded. Depending on how far off the numbers are they will get automatically marked and set as downgraded. This did not happen so I went in and manually marked channel A as downgraded. So the reading is only pulling from channel B. It will still be faded but should give the correct reading.

If the confidence score of your sensor is low, you can try the cleaning methods mentioned here: After Installation.