Reseller in European Union - or Import One Stop Shop (IOSS)?

Any plans for making it easier for EU customers to buy sensors? Having a EU reseller or setting up IOSS - kinda like ebay global shipping program and the similar service amazon also has.

Right now for example if I buy from outside EU I have to pay;
Flat handling fee of approx 17$
VAT (25%) + customs (varies from product to product - typically a couple %). VAT is calculated on value of item + value of shipping.

VAT/customs is ok - but the flat fee + the hassle of delay + having to pay import duties often make people go nah…

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This is something we do want to solve. We potentially have a footprint we could use to implement something in the UK, but that does not solve the EU. We are interested in ideas on how to solve this.

1 Like They ship to most of Europe. And they already have quite a selection of sensors (category ‘Airflow & Air Quality’ for example)
or use the IOSS solution and ship from US?

This is definitely something that would be great for European users. The extra taxes, shipping costs and the the administration charges that couriers charge to get goods through customs is a big turn off for what is a great product :frowning:

I believe post Brexit a lot of UK companies have opened logistical warehouses in the Netherlands, but not sure on what sort of scale these companies operate.