Recycling/reusing old PurpleAir monitors?

Does PurpleAir have a monitor recycling or reuse program where people can send old/dead monitors and/or sensors or other PurpleAir parts? It seems to me that when monitors go bad only one of several replaceable parts goes bad. What does PurpleAir recommend we do?

Asking for a friend. :slight_smile:



Our monitor just died. Iā€™d love the answer to this one, too!

If you have old sensors, we would be happy to receive them. At our facility, we can test the parts that are sent back to see if they can be placed into remanufactured versions of our sensors. If the parts are not usable, we will also do our best to recycle them properly. We appreciate your concern and want to recycle and reuse.

Our address is:
12411 S 265 W STE B,
Draper, UT 84020-5415


Super. Thank you very much!

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