Radiation Sensors

Does PurpleAir have radiation sensors? If not doe anyone know of a public source for that info preferably with coverage world wide?

Many Thanks!

Are you referring to solar radiation or Beta, Gamma and X-Ray Radiation?

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You should check out https://safecast.org/ : they are a non-profit that has a worldwide network of radiation sensors. All their data is in the public domain and free to use - their sensors are also open source hardware.

Whatever a nuclear device creates. I believe Gamma is the one I am after.

Thanks elafargue! I have noticed it seems most countries like Ukraine have their own network. I planned to start with theirs first if I can not find a big network.

There are a number of maps around that you might find useful.

A couple of maps from the European Commission.
This one shows the gamma dose rate for the last 24 hours.

This one shows the gamma dose rate for the last 5 weeks.

Here is another map you might find useful created by a company that also makes very good geiger counter radiation monitors. I have the GQ GMC-500 Plus and it works very well.


If you do a Google search on “best radiation monitors” you can find which ones are the best rated and affordable.

Also check https://www.uradmonitor.com/

Thanks! I am trying to see if the data is available via rest.