PMS5003 raw correlation VS TEOM and conversions?

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We are a group of researchers looking at using purple air and also additional PMS5003 sensors for looking at the relationship of PM and health outcomes

we have done a small pilot of looking at PM2.5 PMS5003 correlations with TEOM data at a co located site but the base correlations are very poor (The TEOM data mean was around 20 micro grams for PM2.5 for the time period). We are wondering if there is open purple air data looking at correlations between EPA/TEOM stations at various locations?

In addition, does purple air use the RAW PMS data or do they apply any conversion/calibration method? and if so is that documented anywhere?

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There have been many studies on the purple air sensor’s comparisons to EPA grade monitors.

AQSpec is leading the way in sensor evaluations, both under controlled laboratory conditions and in the field.

There are also a couple of different correction factors that are routinely used, one developed by the EPA which corrects for temperature and humidity, and another called LRAPA. The correction factors are available to use on the PA map.

Here’s one field study from Tennessee:

And here are a bunch of PM sensor evaluations from AQSpec: air quality sensor summary reports