PA Monitor data of no longer in operation

Dear Users,

I would like to know how to get a list of PA monitor(s) operated in the past to get its data for its operation period? For example, if today (3/10/2023) I query a list of monitors in geographic domain and get all operational PA monitors list but not those which were shutdown in the past or not in operation.

I appreciate your insight on this.

Thank you!

@Zuber_Farooqui I know that you can navigate to Zoom into the area that you are interested in. Then open your browser’s developer tools. A quick google like Open Google Chrome Developer tools should help.

Look at the circle, it should list how many sensors were updated. it’ll also show how many are outdoors/indoors.

Now what I don’t know is the ability to know “how many were shutdown” since the last time data as checked.

I would suggest reaching out to for more help. In fact, I would suggest that a feature they could add to their