Odd readings for tempurature - firmware error?

I have the PA-II Ver 7.03 for several years. I have an outdoor mercury thermometer at about the same distance from the ground within several feet. Normally they have been almost identical since we’ve had the PA.

In the last couple of days I’ve noticed that the temperature is higher than it should be. For years the neighbor up the hill has always been warmer than us and now we are warmer than them. It is also warmer for 4-5 degrees than our thermometer.

When I look at the temperature history I see TWO channels, A + B. I’ve never noticed that before and most all of the sensors around me are only one channel. A recent reading shows the temp on the map as 51. It’s about 44 or 45 on the thermometer. The channels are 48 & 54 - making the average at 51 which is the shown temp on the map - but it is too high.

I see that only the ones with 7.03 have 2 temp channels. The ones with 7.02 only have 1 channel. Can this be fixed please?

I see raw and corrected temperatures in my diagnostics. It is worse when the sun is out in that direction even with mine tied up behind a dark metal pole. Temperatures are adjusted because of the way heat transfers from convection, radiation and conduction. The device is also heat catching as air does not flow up through the device as heat rises. The adjusted temperature is the best and I believe that PurpleAir/IBM continually adjusts the algorithm to compensate for all these factors.

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