Moving Sensor Around?

If I purchase the outdoor sensor, can I use it occasionally for more than one place? I’d like to check my backyard outdoor air on occasion, while primarily using it inside my house at other times. Or would I need to purchase multiple sensors vs moving them around on occasion?

Hi @Mel, you are able to use the same sensor in multiple locations. More information is available here: After Installation.

Thank you! I’ll check it out.

Mel I would strongly discourage you from using the outdoor sensor inside - unless you remove it from the map. For those of us sharing data, outside sensors being indoors corrupt and skew the data - here’s my post raising this issue recently

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There is no issue with using an outdoor sensor indoors. However, ensure that the device is correctly marked as “indoors” or “outdoors” when registering the device. This is crucially important.

​We are looking into ways of allowing users to contact sensor owners for issues like this, where there could be a problem with the registration or the readings seem inaccurate. This is still only an idea that has been brought up, but we hope to implement something similar to this in the future.


Thank you for attempting to address this issue as it is a problem for data integrity - and thank you for correcting my comment ie an outdoor monitor that is placed indoors can be relabelled as indoors rather than needing to be removed from the map