Installation Location Questions

Hi all. I’m trying to install an outdoor sensor. There are 4 possible locations.

The instructions mention not locating the air sensor near local pollution sources such as hvac units, vents, bbq’s, etc but gives no distance. I’ve looked on both google and this forum and cannot find an appropriate distance. Please help me select an installation location from the information. I’ll put each potential location as a reply to this post and include photos.

Location 1: ideal due to sensor being in shade more than any other location. Unideal due to being about 5’ from a lilac bush and near my neighbors hvac. I’ve drawn a line on the ground. The sensor and hvac are on opposite sides of this line. I’ve also drawn an x to denote where I would like to install the sensor. I do have a small board in front of the neighbors hvac and plan on replacing it with a larger one. This location would also be the easiest to get power to as my electrician can tap into an outlet nearby that is on the interior wall. This position faces North west.

Position 2: west facing wall. This would be about 20’ perpendicular from my neighbors hvac. It would require the most electrical cost to install as all new wiring would have to be added to accommodate an outlet. It also is exposed to winds we get coming from the south west.

Position 3 north facing wall. I’ve circled my bbq and 2 vents. This wall gets a lot of mid afternoon sun. I’m not sure where I’d install the sensor.

Position 4 northeast facing corner. This position is pretty close to camellia trees and I’ve marked the fence in green to show its proximity to my hvac on the other side of the fence. It would get a decent amount of sun and cost almost as much as the west facing wall to install the required electrical.

So where do you all recommend I install my sensor and any insight into actual distances from local pollution sources? Thank you!

When they say ‘hvac’, A/C & heat pump outdoor units don’t generate any particulate, just blow air around. 5 ft. is plenty of clearance; just avoid putting the PA sensor directly in the air stream of the outdoor unit. Not a problem for you since your outdoor unit blows air horizontally. Avoid locating the sensor near furnace exhaust vents.

HVAC code (in most US states anyway) would have likely required a service outlet within 6 feet of your heat pump outdoor unit. I’d put the PA sensor on that side of the house and extend an outlet there, thus taking care of two problems.

I see, thank you. That is very helpful!