How to choose an air quality monitor for volcanic pollution?


We live in South Kona. The air quality monitors were either removed or turned off after Kikauea stopped erupting in 2019. Well, Kilauea started up again yesterday. Recently we also had Mauna Loa erupting. The air is so brown we can’t see the ocean again but the airnow, other govt sites and Hawaii Dept of Health currently read an air quality of 9 (fed up face). I need a Welcome to new air monitor group, How to begin, How to choose an air quality monitor, Hawaii, vog readings, etc. Yes, I have searched for these tags. I’m having a hard time breathing and it could be months or longer before we get accurate state information. I am tired of the wait. We are not wealthy. What devices do you recommend (2023) for volcanic emissions, indoor & outdoor readings? Thank you so very much for assisting.

Pictures show view now (no ocean) and before Kilauea restarted.

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Our sensors will read any particulate matter that is .3 - 10 microns in size. If there are particles that are within this size range, our sensor will pick them up. We wouldn’t know immediately if the volcanic emissions are within that range.

You can view our sensors here: Which Sensor to Choose