Downloaded data not appearing in CSV file

The downloaded PurpleAir CSV files associated with my three sensors are no longer being populated with the requested readings. The file is created and the column headers and date appear but the time is midnight UTC and no sensor data is listed, just blanks. It makes no difference what averaging period is requested; i.e., 10 to 1440 secs. I recently needed to change my gmail account password and went through the process of re-establishing a PurpleAir account thinking that may be the problem but apparently not.

Has anyone had a similar experience or thoughts on what may be happening? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Hi Neil, I am having the same problem. See my post below and PurpleAir’s response!


Thanks Jackie! I suspected that the problem was with the PurpleAir download site and that some modifications may have been in progress.

Still no data in CSV files, just headers, in UK sites. Will it be fixed?

PurpleAir sensors stopped reporting data to ThingSpeak on October 25. Because of this, any data after that date will not appear in the Sensor Data Download Tool.

We are working on updating the online download tool. Once updated, you will be able to download data from any time period again.

The PurpleAir API at will provide historical data. More information on accessing the historical endpoints is available here: Historical API Endpoints are now Restricted.

12-29-2022 Edit: Graph data can now be downloaded from the PurpleAir map. More information is available here: Download Map Graph Data.

The new PA download tool from the map is much worse than the old one.
Now you can only download one parameter at a time and for limitied times,
depending on what you have graphed. For example, its impossible to look at conversion factors without doing multiple downloads for temp, RH, CF1, CFatm, etc. And if you want 2 minute data, you can only get a few days at a time. PA used to have a great download that “democratized” access and availabilty of air quality data. I think you are risking your lead in this, but making the data much harder to get.


Hi @Dan_Jaffe, we are still working on providing more extensive download tools in the future. The new graph download tool is a minor feature to help provide data to those who don’t need as much or only handle small amounts of data at a time.