Datalogging Rate Changed Suddenly

Because I’m using my PA sensors for research I had the datalogging rate be changed to every 8 seconds. On 2023/06/15 at 20:54:15 all of my sensors changed to datalog every 38 seconds instead. I’m not sure why this happened or how to fix it. The change is reflected both on the map and on the SD card log.

Any tips on how to revert back to the 8 second logging interval?

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Hi @katep, this change is only possible on our end. Can you email us the device IDs of your devices in an email to troubleshoot? Please send the email to and reference this post.

Hi Ethan, I already did send an email on the 20th, I was just posting here in case anyone had a quick fix.

I thought all Purple Air sensors update every 2 minutes? Even 38 seconds is fast for updates, let alone 8 seconds; that sounds super-fast, and I would be more than happy with 38 second updates, let alone 8 SECOND updates.

Hi Ethan,

I emailed and they said they fixed the datalogging rate but it’s still the same as before. Any chance it’s something wrong on my side or did they just mistakenly not update the logging rate like they indicated.

For others who are curious: I was told that if you re-register your sensors (like to change the name or location) it can apparently reset the logging rate (or for my case change it to 38 seconds for some reason).