Can Purple Air Indoor and Outdoor Sensor be connected to Home Hubs?

Hi, I’m new here. My boss is planning to purchase a Purple Air sensor, and we have a few questions:

Are Purple Air indoor and outdoor sensors compatible and can they be connected to home hubs? If so, which home hubs are they compatible with? We are exploring connections to Google Nest, Apple HomeKit, Home Assistant, and any other compatible home hubs. If you have a list of compatible home hubs, that would be helpful.

Hi @Charlyn_Rosario, PurpleAir has not created any integration with smart home hubs. However, there are multiple ways to access a sensor’s data, and some enterprising community members have used these to write their own integrations for sensors. Some of these are publicly available, and there may be one that provides what you need. Since these integrations aren’t written by PurpleAir, if a problem was encountered or you needed support, it’s possible you would need to contact the integration author.

The most common integration we’ve seen used is a Home Assistant Plugin, though this currently requires generating API keys and contacting us for additional API points.