Ability of Purple Air Outdoor Sensors to withstand weather

I have two PA-II’s: one is at an inland location with relatively low humidity most of the year, but which is exposed to wind, rain, etc in the Winter. This sensor has been in place continuously since the Summer of 2018, and I have never had issues. I have another sensor that is only 1/4 mile from the coast and is exposed continuously to high humidity and even, I am sure, some salt at times. Last year (the first year it was in place) I took this sensor in during the Winter, but am wondering if this is really necessary? Based on what I seen happen to many metal objects in this environment, I am a little hesitant to leave it out, but that would be a lot more convenient and would also leave the public sensor online. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

Mine is exposed to extremes of winter and summer, without issue so far. (95F to -15F), over several years.


Thanks Robert for letting me know your experience.