Zen vs Touch

The descriptions of these 2 Purpleair monitors seem almost identical. Is there any differences? Which one is newer? better?

Hi @tc10

The Zen and the Touch have similar hardware, however, the Zen contains two laser counters while the Touch contains one. This is why we say the Zen is suitable for outdoors while the Touch is not. Two laser counters allows you to compare their readings to ensure the device is working as intended. Both devices were released at roughly the same time.

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Thank you. Does PurpleAir have any annual sales/ specials on Zen?

We typically have a big sale on Black Friday each year. Right now, we’re currently running a “5% off everything in your order” deal. You can access it by emailing contact@purpleair.com and using the link in the signature of the response email.

Hi @Andrew_PurpleAir

When is the Black Friday sale this year? Also do you ever do sales on like Memorial Day as I am looking to buy a Zen sensor but it’s a little outside my price range?


While we don’t have a specific date for the Black Friday sale set in stone yet, it typically runs from the Friday after US Thanksgiving until the following Monday (Black Friday through Cyber Monday). Black Friday this year is November 29.

We don’t have any plans for a Memorial Day sale, and I’m not aware of any other upcoming sales at this time.

You might consider looking into the PurpleAir Collective, which is a sensor donation initiative.

Hope that helps!

Hi @Andrew_PurpleAir
Thank you
Do you know approximately how much the Black Friday sale amount will be? If not, what was last years discount on the Zen sensor please?


Happy to help! Not sure on the details for this year, but last year was $50 off the Zen specifically.