About the PurpleAir Collective

This category houses topics related to the PurpleAir Collective program. Vote on who should receive a sensor or submit your application now.


The PurpleAir Collective is a sensor donation initiative that empowers the air quality community. Through the program, anyone can apply to receive donated sensors.

One of PurpleAir’s core principles is to deliver meaningful data to the community. This program forwards that principal by providing sensors where they are most needed.


The program follows four regular steps which are described below:

First, we collect applications via a Google Form. When the program begins, we will release that Form in a post on the community site as well as on our social media platforms.

Second, after applications are received, we review and pare those applications down internally based on a number of factors. If you are applying, take care to submit a complete and refined application.

Third, we release a poll on the community site that contains summaries of the pared down applications.You, the community, will then vote on which application you would like to see receive sensors.

Fourth, we announce the results of the poll. Along with the announcement will be a short recap of the application’s “project.”

An individual’s or organization’s “project” is whatever they intend to use the donated sensors for.

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