I’m monitoring the air quality in out yard in the U.S.
my neighbor’s chimney emits a lot of smoke. I’m not sure if she is burning wood or trash. Should I change it to “wood burning” option?
Also I know it says that certain sensitive groups are impacted by high readings. I want to know the numbers to avoid serious long term exposure to PM 2.5 for my 10 year old son. I’m trying to use the monitor to determine when it’s safe for him to play outside.

My neighbor does as well, unfortunately - heats his house with wood. And I use the meter for the same reason (and others): monitor when it’s safe to be outside. There is a very direct correlation between his woodburning, and excessive readings on my meter - 150 to 250, or more. It’s worse, obviously, when the wind is out of his direction, or “light and variable”, since it never clears out then. I’ve generally used a value of 50 or less (PurpleAir) as safe to be active outside, the lower the better obviously. That can sometimes be infrequent in my part of the country, regionally, and obviously less so because of the local wood burning (and yard waste burning, etc)


P.S. I didn’t understand your question about changing it to ‘wood burning’ option. I’m guessing, though, that there may be some local regulations against trash emissions from a normal house chimney (but how to prove). My area allows yard waste burning, organic material only, but I’ve seen many cases where treated wood and the like are burned too, which release toxic components - there it is more obvious (by sight)