The South Coast AQMD Sensor Educational Toolkit

The following guidebook and videos are a product of the South Coast Air Quality Management District, as part of their recently published Sensor Educational Toolkit, “Community in Action: A Comprehensive Educational Toolkit on Air Quality Sensors”. These sources can be a great guide in understanding why it is important to measure the air quality, the basics of and how to monitor the air quality using sensors, and the process of setting up a new PurpleAir PA-II sensor.

The full toolkit includes many sources of information and a comprehensive guidebook that will help support the community in effectively using low-cost sensors.

The first video, Air Sensor Training #1: Community in Action - A Comprehensive Guidebook on Air Quality Sensors, gives a brief overview of the aforementioned guidebook and how it can be used to effectively monitor the air quality.

The second video, Air Sensor Training #2: Understanding Air Quality and Monitoring, explains the effect that poor air quality can have on a community and their environment. This video also describes the different types of air pollutants and their sources.

The third video, Air Sensor Training #3: PurpleAir PA-II Sensor Installation, includes an overview of the PA-II air quality monitor and some useful tips during the installation process.