Solar power pole mount

I’ve been working on some solar powered sensor installations which include the purple air along with some other sensors running off of a raspberry pi. My guess is that a 20 watt solar panel and 20 amp hour battery and solar controller should be sufficient to run the purple air unit by itself continuously(assuming decent sunlight), but need to test out. This bookmark details some basic parts used to setup the solar mount, battery(a smaller 10 watt and 10 amp hour setup, would need a larger enclosure for larger 20 amp hour battery), controller and enclosure and can provide more details if needed.

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I have 2 solar powered PM sensors that I have operated for a year without an issues. I put the solar controller in a plastic lunch box and put is some moisture absorbing material to make sure it was always dry

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Nice and thanks for the pic! What are the specs on the solar panel wattage and rechargeable battery size and type per unit? Looks like a 4x4 inch post, what’s the mount from the post to the solar panel like? Thanks

The battery I am using is if a 12 V, 7.5AH battery, I have never had the problem of it running out ( but then I leave in Louisiana and its sunny most of the time) the solar panel is a 30W and the connection to the 4x4 pole is as in the attachment. I just got it on amazon. so far it is working well.