Sensor only registers 0 and nearby ones are different

Also, cannot get into my account even though I have original email for registration

Hi @revgirrl, I believe the best way to go about these questions would most likely be through an email. If you could send us an email at with your device ID, we can help troubleshoot from there.

Ethan, I’m having the same problem. Did you find any solution? I unplugged and plugged back in the sensor. I also vacuumed and blew air with an air compressor to clean the laster sensors. I’m still having that problem, however.

Hi @ToddArnada, a sensor only reading zero could be experiencing a fan failure. You may want to look into laser counter replacement. Information about laser counter replacement is available near the bottom of this article: Sensor Maintenance.

Thank you @Ethan. I replaced the laser sensor. I got it working again but now I’m having an issue where the monitor is connected but it’s showing up grey on the map. It states, “current status not received for (time frame)” What’s weird is that it does come back sometimes. The data comes back if I unplug and replug it in again. I didn’t have this problem before the laser sensor replacement. I wonder if I did something during the laser sensor replacement process. My wifi network has a strong enough signal. Other posts on the forum suggest it could be a fluctuating power issue.