Sensor failure in cold

Last night I heard a very strange chirping sound out our back door. On further inspection, the sound was coming from the PA sensor. There was a (blue?) light flashing intermittently from the inside (mine is mounted high up, so I was looking from the bottom). I unplugged the sensor and the beeping stopped. At the time it was -3 DegF, it is now -9. Is there a temperature range beyond which the sensors will not work?

The specs for the PMS6003 sensor (for example) say -10°C is the lowest temperature, but, of course, there are other components

Just an update, now that the temperature is back up to a balmy 15 DegF, I plugged my sensor back in, and it seems to work fine again.

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Mine has withstood a couple winters with at least a couple nights < -5F, without issue. Of course, each unit is different.