Sensor coordinates not provided?

I’m doing an air quality modeling project in California. I tried to get the coordinates of sensors in a city, but it seems the longitude and latitude information is missing even though I put ‘longitude,latitude’ in the ‘fields’.

For example, I’m interested in the sensor ‘30303’. I used this URL:

with a proper API key. Then the result I get is:
200 success
“api_version” : “V1.0.13-0.0.57”,
“time_stamp” : 1718320688,
“data_time_stamp” : 1718320666,
“sensor” : {
“sensor_index” : 30303
which doesn’t contain the longitude and latitude information.

Hi @Shangjie_Du

My apologies for the delayed response. That sensor isn’t returning longitude and latitude information because it doesn’t have a map position set.