Results of the PurpleAir Collective!

Hi All!

Thank you for sticking with us through this first round of the PurpleAir Collective. This was really a test for us, as we didn’t know how much engagement we would get. However, in the end, we think this has been more than successful, and we have received more support than we ever could have imagined! We want to thank everyone who has participated and held on with us through this process.

We’re now excited to release the results of the poll!

Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 1.22.13 PM

The rankings are as follows:

1st: The Scioto County Storm Chase Center!
2nd: Clean Air Communities Australia
3rd: West High School
4th: Volcanic Research
5th: Grease Waste Processor
6th: Harlan Has Heart

Congratulations to @StormChaser45662 for really getting his community involved and garnering the most votes!

As a special thank you to those who chose to participate, we have decided to extend donations to the top three applications. Given this decision, congratulations to Arabella Daniel and Vanessa Tran as well!

Lastly, PurpleAir secretly held an internal vote, and as the result of that, we would like to congratulate Rosie Lewis who will also be receiving donated sensors.

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