Request: Ability to change map view to a different time point

Hi Purple Air Community and Developers!

As a science teacher, the most powerful way to communicate the Purple Air data is through the map view. Letting students move through the map and compare air pollution at different places is powerful… BUT so limited right now. The major limitation is that the map only displays current data.

We all know that air pollution fluctuates dramatically throughout the day and year. Students (and everyone else!) should be able to change the map view to different time points to get a snapshot of how data has changed over time. Right now the only way to do that is to download data for specific stations and create the graphs yourself. This is just not feasible on Chromebooks in a K12 school. It’s also a barrier for science communication - how much more powerful would discussions with other be if you could pull up a set of time points on the interactive map and let people move through them on their own??

Request: Can you please add a feature to the map so that users can display the data for the day/time of their choice?

Thank you for your consideration!!

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Hi @Justine_Lassar, this is an excellent recommendation. We see how the ability to see the map from a different timestamp could provide very valuable information. This has been brought up and is something we want to consider implementing in the future. We greatly appreciate the idea and feedback.

it would be great for evaluating changes over time