At-a-glance AQI, Temp, and humidity data

Hi Purple Air Team, Maybe I am missing something…how do I display or download a view of data that includes AQI, Temperature, and humidity in one view/report? Would like to see this view of data “on-demand”, but if thats not available, how do I create a report showing the same?

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Hi @RICKYG, we currently do not have a view that will display all of these values at the same time. This is something we hope to incorporate in the future. However, there are several apps that other users have created that display PurpleAir data that may have the features you are looking for.

If you are looking to create your own dashboard, you can use our API. Documentation is available at, and a getting started guide is found here: Making API Calls with the PurpleAir API.

Thank you Ethan. Appreciate the quick response and references!


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