Historical data graphs for one sensor?

Does there exist (or has someone created one with the API) a page that takes a sensor ID and shows historical graphs for any date range for air quality, temperature, humidity?

Bonus points if it’s also mobile friendly.

Weather Underground unfortunately doesn’t use temp/humidity data. I found this website that shows a nice yearly history of air quality data but not temp/humidity:

Unfortunately the PurpleAir Map is not very mobile friendly and while the data layer graph box does most of what I want, it only seems to be available embedded in the map.


Anyone? Seems hard to believe a page with history for a single sensor doesn’t exist.

I created a project that did that, see example image attached. Alas, with the new API changes it is not easy to create a public project to show any PurpleAir data without having every user provide their API key :frowning:

Thanks that could be just what I need. Your PurpMap project is interesting too.