PurpleAir Utility installer/app for macOS is not signed properly

While doing some troubleshooting recently, I noticed that the .pkg installer for macOS of the PurpleAir Utility app is not signed. It’s really not a great idea to have folks bypass the security precautions on their systems to use this app, asking them to blindly trust that the app hasn’t been tampered with is not a good idea. What I found was

as a macOS app developer, I know that jumping through these hoops is a bit of a PITA, but once it’s done once, it’s a lot easier subsequent times and can even be automated.

Thanks so much for all the great work y’all do!


Thank for bringing this to our attention and linking the necessary steps! We’ll take a look at getting the Utility properly notarized.


It’s not super fun, but if you hit a wall, don’t hesitate to avail yourself of a tech support request (there should be a couple included in your Apple Developer subscription). I’ve definitely had to do so for exactly this area of stuff. Their security tools could be more developer friendly :sob: