(Outdated) Historical API Endpoints are now Restricted

The historical endpoints in the PurpleAir API have recently become restricted due to extremely heavy use. To use the historical API, you will need to be granted access.

To gain access, contact us at contact@purpleair.com with your API keys and a description of your API usage. This includes the frequency at which you will request data.

All API keys will now have access to the historical endpoints. If your keys do no have access, email us at contact@purpleair.com with your API keys to be granted access.

If you do not have API keys, you may create them here: PurpleAir Develop

API keys are created per user and not per sensor.

Learn more information more information about creating API keys here: Creating API Keys

The Real-time API may solve your problem

If you are creating a sensor database, we prefer you use the real-time API to query a group of sensors every minute or so. This is more cost-effective and less server-intensive for PurpleAir.

An additional benefit of this approach is that you’re able to create a group of sensors and download data for all sensors in the group. This feature is not yet available with the History API; you will need to download the data one sensor at a time.

More information can be found in our API use guidelines.

Hi Ethan,

I sent an email to contact@purpleair.com to request access to history data but haven’t received a reply yet. My email is xxxxxxx@ncsu.edu, and I am doing some research regarding air pollution. Could you please give me access to this endpoint please?

Are there any status updates regarding the history API? I requested access, hoping to hear back soon.

Switching APIs and then disabling the functionality of the deprecated API seems like a step backwards.


Does anyone know how long it takes to be granted access to the get_sensor_history endpoint (or if access is even being granted right now)?

I wrote to contact@purpleair.com a few days ago requesting access to have heard nothing back. I’m trying to use PurpleAir sensors and data as part of a community education program, but I’m concerned this will not be possible.

If I could add something to the development wishlist, it would be some flag on develop.purpleair.com that told people whether or not their read API keys had access to the get_sensor_history endpoint…