Northern italy

I watch european Purple Air monitors just out of curiosity. Day after day the area around Milano is in pretty bad shape, related to PM 2.5. One of the few areas of western nations where this consistently bad air pollution is still tolerated

Guess it’s being recognized more:

[‘It stinks!’: Milan residents grapple with high pollution | Reuters]


The whole adriatic sea region can be bad, with Sarajevo and Banja Luca typically pretty bad as well

1 Like See video of analysis of Milan and Pavia 2/16/2024-2/19/2024 PM2.5 levels above NAAQS for the 3 day period (using PurpleAir Data correlated to standard of EPA Maps of Smoke and Fire) and 2nd Youtube Video leading with this week’s Milan Pollution story

Interesting, and unfortunate that some will dimiss hard data provided by the sensors. I wonder how much is related to geography too, with it seeming like all the bad air seems to stack up against the Alps. Right across them in Switzerland, it’s often excellent air.

This was unexpected, must be a once in decade occurrence there