No Temperature history! (map graph or download)

Using graph or download tool, no temperature historical data can be viewed, only current values. Other historical sets work (AQI, even dew point temperatures), but not temperature (C or F). This is across multiple platforms and sensors.

Help please!

bb17660: I have the same problem. Currently the “raw” temperature data is working, which I believe is 8°F higher than what you normally use. (Value is not adjusted for the heat generated by the sensor.)

Also, a few days ago I noticed the “Temp” chart changed from 7 days to 3 days, before it quit working altogether.

Ah, interesting the ‘raw’ temperature history is working. Clearly a PurpleAir backend issue, assuming calibration calcs happen on server side. Hopefully this means history isn’t lost as tracking through these heat waves has a lot of value.

We are aware of the current issues with the graph, and the development team is working on correcting them. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.

This has been fixed. You may also notice that all the graphs are faster to load now.