LED Color from Data Other Than AQI

It would be extremely useful if we could set the colored “AQI” LED to any of the numbers the sensors track instead of only AQI.

It’s frustrating that it’s easy to get the other numbers on the map or even from the JSON endpoint, and they already have an established red/yellow/green color code on the map, but the handy red/yellow/green LED on the sensor can only ever show AQI.

Ideally, a dropdown would be added to the registration page next to the existing LED Mode: if you’ve selected one of the “Full Color AQI” LED options, then you can also select which measurement the light corresponds to. So I could set it to, for instance, represent the map color of the Particles >= 0.3μm , and the light would shine with the same color as the sensor would on the map set to the Particles >= 0.3μm data layer.