How to use data in new house construction

I am building a new house and would like to use the data from PurpleAir to design my HVAC system and Air quality system. How do I do this?

You could look at the meters in the surrounding area, to determine what level of particulate matter problem there is - that can help you determine what level of filtering you might need on your HVAC system. I live in a relatively high PM area (nothing like India, though), so use MERV14 to MERV16. Once you are built, install an outdoor PurpleAir to confirm the general PM level. You could also use an indoor meter to see what the general indoor level is, of PM, to determine if your filtering is working well, or if you need an active, electronic filter, etc. If your house is going to be sealed up well, you might consider an HRV, to keep CO2 levels inside reduced, without having to open windows, and letting pollution in.