How to read map?

I am not familiar with reading any kind of air quality maps, and when I see values I do not know what they mean/indicate. For example, what are the AV-14-987 A levels measuring? Is there a key somewhere that gives more information about what each of these things are, or may be indicating, or may be impacting (both health and environment)?

any help would be most welcome!

Hi @Manuel, in the following image, the data being shown is “US EPA PM2.5 AQI.” You can select different data layers to change which data you are looking at.


You can also see “Sandy - Bluff A”. The name of the sensor is “Sandy - Bluff” and “A” refers to the laser counter the blue line shows data for. This is because many PurpleAir sensors use two laser counters to conduct independent measurements, referred to as channel A and channel B. “Sandy - Bluff B” is showing data for the other laser counter from the same device.

“Riverton A” and “Riverton B” are also present in the image. These are lines showing data from a second sensor. Further information is found in our article on how to use the map graph.