How Many Sensors in a Province

Hi there,

I am wondering how I can see the total number of PurpleAir sensors deployed in a province.

I read a previous forum that said you find your desired area on the map and open the javascript to identify indoor, outdoor, and total amount of sensors, however, I don’t believe this is accurate as I am given different numbers each time and multiple sets of numbers. I am wondering how I can accurately count the sensors in a given area.

Thank you!

Hi @TyM, that method will work to count the number of sensors in an area. Anytime you move the map and the number of visible sensors changes, you will get another message in the console. The latest console entry will be the one you likely will want to use.

I have attached a screenshot of the console while browsing the PurpleAir map and finding my desired location. The line marked in red is the entry I will want to use.

Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 10.46.48 AM