Apple Watch App

I wanted to check my PurpleAir from my watch, so I created a simple app: ‎My PurpleAir on the App Store It is free to download and use. The only caveat is that the watch and the PurpleAir must be on the same LAN, so it only works when I am home.






This is super cool. Just downloaded it. Thank you for making this! I’ll share feedback once I get accustomed to using it. I have lots of ideas for features that could be added to this and even an iPhone version of the same app.

With appreciation,

Got it working! Nice! I just logged into my router and found the IP address for the monitor, typed it in, and then set the complication just the way I wanted it. Thank you for making this happen!

Now I’ve started getting all dreamy-eyed about the possibility of having my Apple Watch tell me how I’m doing on “optimizing” my exercise times for lowest possible air pollution exposure. How hard is it for the app to tell me “you saved X ug/m3 per hour of exposure by exercising when you did vs. during the most polluted part of the day.” Or “You could have saved X ug/m3 per hour of exposure if you had exercised at the least polluted time of that day.”

I’m just brainstorming in the hope that you or somebody out there might be interested in integrating that feature into an app. :slight_smile: The AQI here in Pittsburgh can go up by a factor of 10 some days during a strong weather inversion. It really matters when I jog if I want to minimize my personal exposure. This data, aggregated over a broad population, could also yield very interesting information about mortality for studies, etc.

Thanks again for this fun and useful contribution to the PurpleAir community.